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Part 3: LiftMaster Garage Door Opener- Superior Control with 398LM Smart Control Panel

By November 18, 2014September 6th, 2019No Comments

At the heart of it, you just need your garage door to open and close when you come home or leave your house. However, a garage door opener can be so much more than that. Fit it with the 398LM Smart Control Panel and your garage door opener can afford you simple pleasures that you didn’t know you could appreciate.

Like what?

Light controls. When you enter your garage, the 398LM Smart Control Panel senses you’re in the area, turning lights on so you can find your way around with ease. In addition, when you leave, it also turns the lights off to save on energy. All that without pressing a switch, which is quite handy when you have your hands full with, say, the groceries.

Many people use their garages as secondary storage space. Got a few collectibles? You need to be mindful of the temperature in your garage, because the quality of some items is dependent on the temperature of the storage space. You wouldn’t want your precious collection to degrade, right? On the other hand, maybe you use your garage as a workshop or a secondary office. The 398LM Smart Control Panel also keeps track of the temperature in the room, helping you ensure ideal conditions for comfort and other purposes.

The Many Definitions of Smart

The 398LM Smart Control Panel is not only smart because it can do many things; it is also smart because it makes programming controls easy and convenient. The Smart Control Panel is fitted with new on-board capabilities to let you quickly set the time and temperature, as well as your language of preference. Smart also means secure, as the Smart Control Panel locks out other radio signals from the outside when you’re away, preventing unauthorized remote controls.

A Simple Garage Update

Wouldn’t you like your garage door opener to be secure, convenient and easy to operate? If you choose the right garage door opener product, have it installed properly, you will enjoy these benefits.

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